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Yes, there is finally an affordable way of getting fit: a fitness centre for you and a friendly gym for everybody. We’ve cut out the frills, the costs and commitments associated with most other gyms. Instead we’re bringing you the basics: top of the range equipment, in a stimulating environment, at a price that’s affordable for all. This is Gym4all.

In our gyms you can exercise 7 days per week, using state-of-the art equipment, in a friendly environment, without any stress. With regular exercise you will lose weight, train your cardio vascular system and strengthen your muscles. Using the equipment in Gym4all should make you healthier, feel better and look good.

Our equipment includes bikes, treadmills, cross trainers, and rowing machines. These machines will help you burn fat and train your heart and lungs. Overall it will improve your fitness.

Gym4all – join us now

  • Value for money You can join us for extremely good value . Our membership is much cheaper than other gyms.
  • State-of-the-art equipment Over 150 brand new machines of the latest designs are ready for you to use.
  • No contract Our standard memberships are without the commitment of a normal contract: if you wish to take a break then you are free to do so
  • Unlimited fitness Unrestricted use of our facilities, 7 days per week 18 hours per day.
  • Locations Our gyms are in busy areas, with easy access by public transport and car (free car parking available)
    Facilities Besides the fitness equipment, you can make use of our changing rooms, showers and lockers
  • Staff Our professional, friendly staff are able to help you get started with your training pro gramme.
  • Space Our gyms are spacious and air conditioned and our audio systems will inspire your work out.


We have hired Harlands to deal with any questions you may have about your current membership. This includes, renewals, cancellations, change of payment details, etc. Please note that all membership related queries are handled by Harlands only.

If you require their assistance please contact them on 0871 2502 423 or


Sign up and join us now

Joining Gym4all is simple, you can become a member online and use our superb fitness facilities today.
There are 5 easy steps to join:

  1. Choose your club
  2. Select from these 3 membership options:
    •  Orange - no contract, monthly payment, £25 joining
    •  Blue - 12 month minimum membership, monthly payment, no joining fee until feb 7
    •  Silver - 6 month membership, payable in advance, one month free, no joining fee
  3. Complete an application form, either online or in the club, where our staff will be happy to help you
  4. Confirm your direct debit details
    All memberships are paid by monthly direct debit payment (unless you opt for Silver membership and pay in advance).
  5. Start your fitness program
    Once you have completed the online sign up process you will receive a confirmation email and at this point your membership is fully active.
    On your first visit you will receive your personal membership card and you need to take this card with you to enter the club facilities. You will receive a free induction from our friendly staff who will explain how to use the equipment and get you started with your fitness goals.

We look forward to welcoming you as a new Gym4all member


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